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Welcome to The Curtain Track Company

About Us

At The Curtain Track Company, we believe that every window is a canvas and every curtain is a masterpiece. As a leading provider of ceiling curtain tracks and accessories, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Operating across Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, and the USA, we are committed to enhancing your interiors with the utmost precision and elegance.

Our Products

Explore our extensive range of curtain tracks designed for seamless functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our products include:

Adjustable Tracks: Customizable options to fit any space, ensuring a perfect look and fit.
Motorized Tracks: State-of-the-art technology for ease of use, perfect for modern living.
Standard and Specialty Tracks: From heavy-duty tracks for large spaces to curved tracks for unique windows, we have it all.
Eco-Friendly Options: Committed to sustainability, we offer products made from recycled materials without compromising on quality or performance.

Why Choose Us?

Global Reach, Local Expertise: Our international presence combined with a deep understanding of local markets allows us to serve you better, wherever you are.
Quality Assurance: We use only the best materials, ensuring durability and reliability in all our products.
Customer First: Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide personalized service and support to ensure your needs are met.

Get Inspired

Need ideas? Visit our Inspiration Gallery to see how our tracks are being used worldwide to create stunning and functional spaces.

Contact Us

Ready to transform your space? Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help. Our friendly team is available to provide expert advice and support.

Stay Connected

Follow us on social media for the latest updates, tips, and promotions. Join our community of design enthusiasts and professionals who choose The Curtain Track Company for their curtain needs.